Unicorn Dreams Whipped Soap. Bath soap. Shower fluff .

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I'd like to introduce you to Unicorn dreams Whipped Soap. 

Isn't it pretty? 

The frgrance is bubblegum and it's just wonderful. It's a beautiful smell that reminds me a little of Hubba bubba Bubble Gum . 

The pale blue and the eco gold glitter with the white are just so pretty and all in all it's definitely one of my new favourites.

You can wash with it, shave with it, even wash your hair with it. The creamy and creates lots of bubbles. 

You don't need a lot, about the size of a two pound coin. For best foamy results pop your chosen amount into a shower puff or flannel and lather it up. 

It contains at least 110grams which should give you around 15 showers.

The product is piped into the recyclable container and so there will be slight gaps and this perfectly normal.

The product is is always piped in higher than the lid and a unicorn soap horn is placed on top so there will be some smudging of the top against the lid. This is unavoidable and happens because I'm filling it to the top.