Reflexology Balm With Lemon Essential Oil (Vegan Friendly)

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I'm a reflexologist and also a trainer for reflexology. 

I created my balms because I wanted to bring something to the market that I simply couldn't find.

I wanted a luxury massage medium that would moisturise, nourish and envelope the therapist and client in a gentle fragrance that is uplifting and renowned for being great for the mind. 

Lemon Essential Oil has long been used to assist depression and anxiety. It is said to aid pain, to give comfort and a sense of well-being. 

I LOVE this balm because as a reflexologist , I wanted to make something that has excellent slip properties without feeling too greasy or oily. 

It's more cost effective than oils , just take out what you need . It's plastic free and most of all it it does not contain any mass produced chemicals. 

It's natural, simple and nurturing. I know you will fall in love with it.