Full Of Cold Shower Steamer

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I hate having a cold. I'm normally pretty resilient , but colds always kick my butt for some reason.

It's that horrible feeling of a cold when you just feel yucky.  Your head aches, you feel a bit shivery and your nose is stuffed? And nothing works!

It makes me so whiny and a bit pathetic. I curse the person that gave it to me. I plot a terrible revenge and I..... Sorry, got a little carried away there. 

You long for the days when you could smell things and generally just not feel like a bus has hit you?

Well these little hearts are here to come to your rescue! 

Full of decongestant aroma of peppermint essential Oil and menthol fragrance oil  they are made to help with that heavy sinus feeling. They smell amazing and are strong but gentle.

They are alsomamzing for the hangover from hell, or hay fever reason .

Just pop into the corner of the shower and let the steam slowly melt it. 

(Not a bathbomb). 

6cm by 4cm by 2.5cm. weighs approx 45 grams each.