Essential Oil Body Scrubs

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These stunning sugar body scrubs have been made with your skin in mind. 

1. I use sugar in my scrubs as I find it is gentler on the skin than other scrubs. 

2. It breaks down dead skin cells effectively . 

3. It is extremely effective at removing fake tan. 

4. It leaves the skin feeling smooth. 

I also use premium essential oils in the scrub 

May Chang to recharge and uplift.

Lavender to soothe. 

Bergamot to revitalise tired skin

Rose for hydration.

A little goes a long long way. The scrub has been designed to 'expand ' with water. 


Ensure your skin is wet. 

Take a small amount of scrub in your hand , approximately 3 teaspoons will do the whole body. 

Add some water and create a lather and gently exfoliate the skin. 

You can add it to sponge or flannel to help create a lather first . 

Rinse thoroughly.