Calm Bath Bomb with Lavender Essential Oil

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Calm is everything you need in a bathbomb. It smelling incredible (lavender essential oil. ) It feels amazing on the skin and its rich lathers in the bath envelope and sooth you.

Let's talk about lavender. It reminds me of growing up, my Naini would make lavender pillows made from the lavender in her garden. 

She had lavender bushes up the path to her front door, so as you brushed past the scent would fill the air. 

When I looked for lavender I wanted it to overpower, as I feel too much can have the opposite effect. So I needed to find an essential oil that wasn't too heavy. 

So the lavender is there to relax, calm offer a doorway to sleep. It's gentle and yet comforting. 

The colour blue is intended to offer a feeling of being in sea water in the summer. 

I hope you love Calm. It's one of my favourites .