Bunny Butt Lemon Soap - rabbit soap - childrens soap

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Bunny . We can see your butt! 

This adorable soap is one that I think everyone will fall in love with. 


Lets talk about the smell, it doesn't smell like bunny butts thankfully , it's lemon and it's a lovely refreshing lemon scent that is light an summery. 

What you get 

1. Bunny butt soap. 

The soap comes in a compostable bag (not plastic) and it tied with a pretty ribbon, which makes it perfect for gifting.


Size and weight

The bunny soap weighs no less than 70 grams and measures approx 7 cm in height and 5 across.



One side you have a bunny , on the other side , you have it's little bottom sticking out. 

If you love bunnies or, you know someone that loves bunnies, then this cute fun adorable soap is prefect for you.

SLS free and made in Wales.