Bergamot Skin Treat Trio Set

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This delightful trio of Bergamot essential oil goodies is absolutely packed with skin loving Ingredients like, vitamin e , Epsom salts, organic essential oils and much much more. 

The set comprises of 

1 bath salts 

1 skin scrub

1 body whip 

Foaming bath salts 

These stunning salts contain Epsom salts carefully blended with two other types of salts, designed to hydrate, nourish and cleanse the skin. 

The recyclable container contains a minimum of 180 grams of salts. 

Sugar Skin Scrub

I love to use sugar in my scrubs as salt can sometimes be too harsh for your skin. 

This sugar scrub is designed to give you so much for your money. Just add a little water to the scrub and it will foam into a rich lather .it's wonderful for your skin. SLS free, kind and gentle for you, whilst still being more than capable of giving your skin a wonderful exfoliating experience. 

The recyclable container contains a minimum of 180 grams. A little goes a long long way. 

Body whip

Let your skin be treated to a gorgeous silky and gentle cleansing experience. It's fabulous in the shower or bath and it's gentle scent will leave you feeling wonderful. 

You can use the whip in the shower or bath , it is also amazing for shaving , or even washing your hair. 

The recyclable container contains a minimum of 130 grams. 

It goes a long long way, just take a small spoonful of the gorgeous soap and add to a wet flannel or sponge. 

Lather it up and enjoy soapy bubbles galore.