All About My Bath bombs

I am sure you have probably noticed that bath bombs feature a lot here! Well, that is because I'm pretty obsessed by them.  They are fun, fizzy and foamy, but what actually goes into my bath bombs and why do they feel so good. 

Firstly, I'm all about the amazing ingredients, I buy from UK suppliers that have great reputations. I like to use essential and fragrance oils for my bombs. You can read in the descriptions which is being used. 

I use an amazing Apricot Oil so your skin will feel fantastically smooth and it is said that Apricot Oil has great anti aging properties. I don't use anything with nuts in it . 

My bath bomb ingredients aren't tested on animals , or contain animal by products such as beeswax or honey. So they an be considered vegan friendly. 

My paints and glitters are eco-friendly. 

I also use plastic free packaging for them and I try to use packaging in a sensible format, that is I don't use tons of ribbons etc. 

Many of my bath bombs are wrapped in compostable packaging ( It's not plastic). 

I make small batches that are freshly wrapped, this is why you might find a variation in colours as each batch is individual.

So, that is the low down on Madame Fizz Eco Friendly Marvellous Bath Bombs, made in Wales, with love and pride.