Serenity Bath & Shower Fluff With Bergamot Essential Oil and a hint of Lavender essential oil

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This gorgeous bath/shower soap is made with Bergamot & Lavender essential oil and whipped into stunning green peaks. 

The combination of oils are said to uplift and refresh. Bergamot is also said to have anti inflammatory properties too.

It's a gorgeous creamy whipped soapy fluff that you can use to wash yourself. 

My favourite way is to apply some to a flannel or shower pouffe, lather it up and wash.

I love that the essential oil is mild and doesn't overpower my skin, allowing me to feel super clean and refreshed without the lingering fragrance of Earl Grey that might overpower my perfume.

A little goes a long way and I use around the size of 2 50ps per shower. 

The cute container is fully recyclable. The lid is aluminium so recyclable too! 

Contains a minimum of 100grams. 

Normally 4.65 but first 10 are just 3.70. 

Please Note

Because of the extra loving ingredients you may find the bath or shower might be slippery.

Therefore it is very important to take care upon exiting the bath/shower.