Lemon Loofah Soap

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This loofah soap is fantastic! 

Who likes lemons ? I like lemons! 


Right enough of that.... If you like lemons, you will love this ! 

It's my new addition Lemon Loofah Soap. 

5 reasons to buy it? 

1. It smells of lemons 

2. It looks awesome! 

3. It gives you a lovely wash.

4. It eco friendly. No plastic packaging . 

5 It offers a gentle exfoliation the more you use it.

 It's lovely, zingy , fresh and perfect for that shower when you need a pick me up and to feel squeaky clean. ! 

Each soap is presented wrapped in wax paper , tied with raffia and finished with a pretty bow and tag. 

I think it makes it a bit more special and definitely deserving to be gifted as the work is practically done for you ! ..