Lemon & Peppermint Shower Steamer with Cinnamon amd rock salt

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So my lovely and incredibly popular shower steamers have had a wonderful upgrade.


Lemon, peppermint with cinnamon and rock salt.

They are all made from essential oil and are so very pretty to look at.

Just pop them in the corner of your shower, drizzle a print amount of water over them and let them fizz away. Mine sit on a plastic plate so I can easily dispose of the fruit or flowers without it going down the drain.

Eco friendly, no waste and completely natural. And wrapped in tissue so totally and completely environmentally friendly. 

They double up as a lovely natural room freshener and can even go in your 

Aren't they just delicious?

*** Please note ****

All my new batches do not contain a cinnamon stick , instead they have rock salt diffused in actual cinnamon as I felt the cinnamon sticks did not release the cinnamon fragrance .