Shower Steamers

I'm often asked  how to use them so here's the low down on Shower Steamers and why they are so popular. 

Shower steamers share many of the same ingredients as a bath bomb except they are loaded with more essential oils than a traditional bath bomb and this is why they must never be used as bathbomb.

When you pop in into the corner of the cubicle, drizzle a tiny bit of water on it it releases all that scent into your shower, which is amazing! I like to place mine on a dish so that any botanicals inside do not go down the plug.

The cinnaon sticks can split when wet and may be sharp in this case. Please take care when handling them .

They come wrapped individually in eco friendly packaging with each weighing around 60 grams.

You can also use them as air fresheners in your home or car , just ensure they are out of the reach of pets and children and are place on a dish or a piece of material as the oils may cause staining. 

They make a great gift for someone who loves a shower or for someone who can't have a bath with a bathbomb due to skin irritation.