Unicorn Bath Bombs

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Melly and Emmy are the two youngest unicorns and they have found that the changes to everyday a little confusing and although the glove being home with me they have been feeling a bit sad sometimes.

They have missed their friends and their teacher. They asked me if they could have a make over and of course I said yes! 

Georgie lollycorn is the eldest fabulous unicorn and is blue. She's positive, loving and very good at looking after her friends. She loves animals and being at the beach 

Melly lollycorn is the middle fabulous unicorn and is pink. She's kind and gentle and loves cake. She's loves sparkly pink things and glitter.  

Emmy lollycorn is a fabulous purple unicorn . She's cheeky, funny and very adventurous. She loves to draw and play on swings. 

Olivia is the youngest, and loves her painted horn and fringe.

All three smell absolutely gorgeous, a lovely scent of crushed raspberry. 

Each comes in compostable packaging. 

Enjoy your unicorn bath . ! 

Please note you will receive 1 unicorn for £3. Each unicorn weight approx 70-75 grams and is around 7.5 cm tall.