Kids Bath Treats


the word can strike fear or joy into any parents/guardians heart. 

Some children absolutely love bathtime. They can't wait to get in and have a lovely splash ! 

However, others need a bit more encouragement and for others it can be a really stressful time.  

I am mum to four children and each one had their bathtime preferences.. I had one I could not get in the bath, one I couldn't get out. Then one who wanted every toy they owned in the bath and one who cried and cried at this sight of a bath tub. 

So when I create a bathbomb or product for the bath for children, I try to remember to think around the situation.

I have developed a range of bath treats to create a sense of calm and fun to help make bathtime a bit more enjoyable.

From Crocodiles, to Bees, Dinos , Unicorns to Martians I hope there is something for everyone and every pocket. 

I'm also aware of the environment.

I wanted this range above all others to be focusing on the important job of being plastic free. 

So I've used tissue paper, little paper bags and plastic free packaging that is compostable.

I always want to know from you and your little splasher what shape colours and designs you want to see in this collection.

Many of the designs are named in honour of the children that use the bathbombs. Because this is their collection and I'm proud to say that. 

For ideas, comments or suggestions please email me (Sheila)