Just Breakfast , Buy a Maurice and feed a child.

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Back in Nov 19 I was told about children in my local area not getting the chance/opportunity to have access to breakfast. 

I started to look into the idea of supplying children with cereal bars and then the pandemic happened. 

With the current coverage about school children not getting a meal on certain areas of the country I feel that now is great time to re visit this situation. 

I want to pop a selection of bathbombs on my website that people can purchase and enjoy, knowing that a percentage of their money has been used to provide breakfast. 

The money will be used to purchase cereal bars and these will be available in several cafes and shops in my local area. 

It will be a full transparent situation with monies raised audited and a paper trail leading to each drop off point. 

It's not just for children from low income families, it's all children. If our future generation go to school hungry, they can't achieve their full potential and we all suffer the effects of this. 

Thank you for your purchase xxx

November bathbomb will be Maurice the crocodile and £1 from the sale of each Maurice will go to this cause.