Serenity Foaming Bath Salts Collection

I'm absolutely thrilled and delighted to announce this new addition to Madame Fizz collection. 

This beautiful foaming bath salt collection comprises of 5 gorgeous essential oils in 3 sizes  with a fourth size coming soo .

The ritual of bathing is honoured here so that you can find a tranquil zone for serenity.   

Essential Oil Collection


This timeless oil offers the gift of relaxation and calm. It helps to ease the mind and works hand in hand with the Epsom Salts to give you the very best bathing experience you can get.

Bergamot with a Hint of Lavender 

Bergamot has wonderful anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties and it's gorgeous citrus scent is uplifting and refreshing. If you love earl grey , you'll adore this .

May Chang

If you love lemons and limes and the zingy and wonderful fresh scent then you will adore May Chang. It is calming and balancing for oily skin.  It is also said to aid anxious minds and is great to ease over stimulation.

Sweet Orange 

I love the smell of sweet orange, it's fruity and uplifting. It's a gorgeous warm oil that is full of wonderful skin loving benefits. It's a powerful antioxidant , it's anti inflammatory and also is said to have fabulous mood uplifting qualities.


Vintage Rose 

This delightful and delicate scent is gentle and balanced it be an undertone. 

It's lovely and balancing and in two separate studies it was noted that either inhaling or bath with rose oil decreased . We are of course not making any claims but, should you wish to find out out more here are the links

(Please ensure your virus checking software has performed the necessary checks before opening). 

Studies aside, we love the oil for all of its wonderful natural properties such as anti inflammatory and calming scent. It's a real jewel. 


The ingredients have been chosen to :

  • Treat your skin to luxury essential oils
  • Sooth your muscles
  • Relax your body and mind 
  • Leave your skin feeling soft and beautifully cleansed .

Epsom salts to help relax your muscles and aid muscle cramps as the magnesium is said to help to promote wellbeing and sleep.

Bicarbonate of Soda for gentle skin cleansing abilities. 

Citric acid for gentle fizz .

Foaming agents.