What To Do With A Grainy Balm

Posted by Sheila green on


Today I want to give you a handy hint about  grainy balms.

You might occasionally recieve a balm from a supplier and find that when you open it, it's either very mobile or has gone grainy. 

So firstly , don't panic. There is nothing wrong with your product! 

A lot of natural based items contain butters, these butters have different melt points, which means on route they have got warm and separated slightly as they have cooled down . 

Your beautiful product isn't ruined AND can easily be returned to its natural glory! 

Here's what you need to do. Scoop the product out of its tin and place product a microwavable bowl.

Place in the microwave on gentle heat and allow it to fully dissolve. Don't boil it, it needs to just return to a liquid state. 

Now, carefully pour your balm back into its container and place into the fridge or freezer, giving it a few minutes to cool first. 

You must cool it very quickly and this is important for it to re firm up. It's won't work if you don't use the fridge or freezer. 

Now, your lovely balm will be back to how it was intended. 

I also recommend that balms are stored in the fridge on warm days as they melt easily. They also feel amazing for your skin when they are nicely chilled. 






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