My NEW product Jelly Soap

Posted by Sheila green on

This week saw my brand new product launch!

I cannot tell you how excited I have been about this product. ! 

It's been 6 weeks in the making and I'm delighted to say that finally my jelly soaps are on the shelves. 

I love that squishy wobbly feel of the soap, the pretty translucent colours and wonderful fragrance. 

I love the fun it brings to hand washing time and how it takes on any form that you pour it into! 

There are currently four in the collection, 

Soapy Clean Bubble which is blue and smells similar to a very famous soap brand . 

Fizzy Custard Wobble which is a gorgeous yellow and smells of fizzy sweets. 

Pink Lemons Jiggle which smells of sweet pink lemonade and is a bright pink! 

Raspberry Wobble which is red and smells of raspberry milkshake.

With four amazing smells to choose from, I hope you'll enjoy trying them all. 

Simply remove from the pot, wash and pop it back into its container! 

I have 3 new ones coming for grown ups , but these have proved popular with all ages! Use them in the shower, bath or at the sink. Make handwhand time fun and wobbly wobbly and jiggly ! 


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