Dawn and My Imaginary dragon.

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This time last year Madame Fizz wasn't even here. 

I was making bath treats for fun, but for years I had a longing to make beauty products.

I am a beauty trainer and my industry suppliers penalise small business owners with ridiculous and outrageous demands whenever they want to buy into a retail brand.

Many force you to commit to minimum orders, make regular orders, or they simply take it from you. 

It has long been my bug bear. I have always said I wanted to change it, but never really knew how. Small businesses don't need huge demands and retail sitting on their shelves for months. They need someone who understands the pressures they are under. They need support and they need a commission and pricing that offer real profits. 

I knew I could do something different, something positive and meaningful.

But I have a secret. I'm the despairing owner of an imaginary dragon.

This dragon isn't my friend. It's cruel and unforgiving. It tells me I can't do things. That people don't like me and my ideas are stupid.

Heres the thing. I know that the dragon isn't nice, and yet for some reason , I listen to it!.

Now is a good time, I think, to introduce you to Dawn. She doesn't know it, but she slays dragons.

Dawn is a woman with an incredible story and a mission. 

She wanted to get rid of plastic waste and have products for her skin and hair that didn't contain any nasties. So she actually just started up making soaps that solved the problem. Just, did it. No imaginary dragons, no doubts . Just actually did it!

Then she went one step further, and actually has this amazing business selling them. They are a HUGE hit. They are amazing.

She works so hard to make her business a success. If you met her , or knew her, you would fall in love with her..  shes like a cheeky funny fairy. She's just adorable.

So here is my story about Dawn and the imaginary dragon........

For months I had wanted to create a micro business doing what I do now. But I suffer from confidence issues (aka a dragon if you will) . You see , when I first started out in beauty I had NO idea how terribly cruel the industry could be. I thought everyone would be like me, how wrong I was.

I was bullied, tormented and picked on. It was a truly terrible time. Thats how the dragon arrived. It turned up one day, told me I was crap ,wasn't good enough, when all I wanted to do was make people feel great and then it refused to leave.

So, this dragon has been busy trying to set fire to my business before it even starts, telling me 'people' would think I was trying to take away the light from my friend. That she would not love me anymore if I did this. That this was a stupid idea.That I couldn't be successful.

I spent weeks in anguish until one day we arranged to see each other. We love a monthly get together! We laugh and catch up and generally have the best time ever. 

So, I packed up a few things I had been doing and took them with me. 

Dawn has been my friend for many years, she's always loved me , cheered me on and been my No1 fan . I couldn't bear the thought she would think I was trying to step on her business. 

We get together and I carefully and with great anguish show her my idea, (the dragon's stood behind her making cutthroat signs) I want to die.

Dawn , looks at everything, squeezes my hand and tells me she thinks it's brilliant and that she loves it. 

That night Madame Fizz was born.

She helped me choose the name, find a website , helped me with ideas and gave me love and support. 

The dragon is currently horrified. It isn't  getting what it wants and for the first time in years, it shrunk a bit.

The point? It's simple.

You are perfectly entitled to start your dream. You are worthy and worth it. Please don't let your anxiety or confidence create monsters. 

I know it's hard, I know it hurts a lot when that dragon pops up to give you a hiding. But, you are doing great and all you need is a Dawn or someone to talk to. A business mentor even if you don't have a family member or friend to talk business with.

As for Dawn, she's going from strength to strength. She's just powered though lockdown, working and moving forward.

Her business is 


Go take a look, her products are beautiful xxx



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